“Development of Integration Technologies for Superconducting Quantum Circuits” aired on APS TV as part of Moonshot Goal 6

“Moonshot Goal 6”, a program by APS TV, featured the “Development of Integration Technologies for Superconducting Quantum Circuits.” You can watch it at the following URL: Toward the Realization of a Superconducting Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computer – Moonshot Goal 6 (NEC) (>Read more


Nature Magazine has recently published a feature article on Moonshot Goal 6

The article highlights the quantum computer technology and its related projects in Japan. It includes interviews with Project Manager Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Associate Professor Masamitsu Tanaka of Nagoya University, and Distinguished Researcher Shiro Saito of NTT Basic Research Laboratories. You can read the full article by visiting the following URL: Focal Point on Quantum computing in…>Read more


Launching a joint research with SNU

We have started an international collaboration with prof. Jangwoo Kim’s group at Seoul National University on September 1st, 2023. The website for Professor Kim’s laboratory can be found at the following link: High Performance Computer System (HPCS) Lab. @ Seoul National University (>Read more


Moonshot Goal 6 International Symposium 2023

“The Moonshot 6 International Symposium 2023” took place at Akasaka Intercity Conference from July 18 to July 20. During the event, PM Tsuyoshi Yamamoto presented the project report in Session 3 “Superconductivity” on July 19. The session also featured talks from two renowned researchers, Dr. Opremcak from Google Inc. and Prof. Plourde from Syracuse University,…>Read more


Prof. Koji Inoue joined as a perfomer.

Dr. Koji Inoue, Professor of the Graduate School and Faculty of information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyusyu University and Director of the Quantum ComputingSystem Center, joined this project as a performer from February 2022.>Read more


Moonshot Goal 6 Public Symposium

Moonshot Goal 6 Public Symposium 2022 [Date] March 11, 2022 (Friday) 13:00~17:50 [Participation Method] Online participation by pre-registration [Purpose] About one year has passed since the start of R&D for Moonshot Goal 6, “a fault-tolerant universal quantum computer that will revolutionize economy, industry, and security by 2050” which is handled by the Japan Science and…>Read more


Moonshot International Symposium for Goal 6

Moonshot Goal 6 aims to realize an error-tolerant general-purpose quantum computer that will dramatically advance the economy, industry, and national security by 2050. We held an international symposium for many people from industry and universities who are interested in international collaboration with this goal and its R&D projects. You can find all the related documents…>Read more